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The year at the Poppleton Community Railway Nursery 



The year begins with preparation for seed sowing in late January, for the summer bedding plant sales.


By mid February repotting and dividing stock plants is in full swing.


In March the plug plants begin to arrive and need tender care to grow them on into saleable plants.


April means all hands to the pump to get seedlings pricked out into their growing containers and the production of hanging baskets and various planters.


May means time to sell everything. We aim to have bedding plants ready by the first week of May, and we hold many sales at this time of the year to move them on.


In June the sales continue and late sowings of seeds are still being pricked out and much potting takes place.


In July we draw breath and use the time to maintain the nursery stock.


In  August we begin in earnest the propagation of shrubs and perennials.


September means bulb planting for Christmas, the hyacinths need to be in by the 15th so they have the required time to force them into flowering condition.


In October we gather everything tender together into the shelter of the greenhouses to protect it from the frosts, and we begin to prepare the Christmas decorations.


By November this steps up a notch and at the end of the month the hyacinths have to be lifted from the plunge beds and put into bowls.


December means sales, sales and more sales.