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    Britain's last surviving
    Railway Nursery

Poppleton Community Railway Nursery

Spring Sales

Poppleton Community Railway Nursery is working hard to bring some seasonal cheer to you and your homes.

There will be an outside stall at the nursery which will be open on Monday, and Friday from 10am – 3pm where you will be able to pick up bulbs, seasonal plants and some craft items.

There have been small price increases from 1st January

In general
3.5" pots now £1 each
5" pots £1.75
2L pots £2.25
3L pots £2.75
6 packs £2

The Nursery is open 10 am to 3 pm Monday, and Friday subject to social distancing.

We very much appreciate all the messages of support and offers of help which we have received from our members and supporters.
Keep well everyone.

Poppleton Community Railway Nursery is Britain's last surviving Railway Nursery situated in Poppleton near York. It is operated by a charitable group as a non-profit organisation.

Poppleton Community Railway Nursery has a partnership with health agencies in the York area, which has long found horticultural skills training to be therapeutic for adults recovering from mental health crises. For these volunteers the benefits of working at the nursery include improvements in confidence and self-esteem, social development through working alongside a range of different people and the opportunity to make new friends and build new relationships. It also helps them to learn about aspects of growing plants, simple DIY skills and could help to enhance their future career prospects.

Other partnerships and community projects will be added from time to time as the complex again becomes fully operational and volunteers and funding permit. 

Help the Nursery

The Management Committee have now agreed plans to renovate our original wooden greenhouse (G7, 8 and 9) to make it into a multi-purpose community space. This will be very expensive to restore/rebuild and is becoming urgent to prevent further deterioration. As a first step, it had been cleared of unwanted items and any good quality wood will be reused. The asbestos has been removed by a specialist contractor and a new roof has been put on G7.

Our new, larger, modern toilets, have been completed, though there are some small jobs which need finishing off.
The G8-9, replacement will be a big project which will involve a substantial outlay. We are most grateful to those who have already made substantial donations towards the cost of both projects and to our grant funders.
Our volunteers have completed the work on building replacement doors for some of our sheds, which are now beginning to show their age. The new compost bins at the back of S10, are in use and have been filled and emptied several times. This is to future proof the site in case we loose the use of the coal drop site. 
If you can help with any of these important projects, please offer whatever you can afford - even the smallest donations are most welcome.
You can send a cheque to the nursery or call in and see one of the officers.

Many thanks in advance for your help.