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Poppleton Community Railway Nursery

Poppleton Community Railway Nursery is Britain's last surviving Railway Nursery situated in Poppleton near York. It is operated by a charitable group as a non-profit organisation.

Poppleton Community Railway Nursery has a partnership with health agencies in the York area, which has long found horticultural skills training to be therapeutic for adults recovering from mental health crises. For these volunteers the benefits of working at the nursery include improvements in confidence and self-esteem, social development through working alongside a range of different people and the opportunity to make new friends and build new relationships. It also helps them to learn about aspects of growing plants, simple DIY skills and could help to enahance their future career prospects.

Paul Botting NHS Technical Instructor, said:

"The NHS trust needed to find opportunities to work in the community instead of an in-house nursery, so our nursery contents were donated to Poppleton and we now have an expanded range of activities to offer the main one that we can work in partnership with the nursery volunteers."
Other partnerships and community projects will be added from time to time as the complex again becomes fully operational and volunteers and funding permit. 

Mother's Day Sale 14 March 9:30 - 1:00

The nursery will be open selling a selection of plants for mother's day and shrubs and perennials for your garden.

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